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Some of Our Testimonials

Below are just a few of the many patients, who have taken the time to write testimonials to our chiropractic health care center. We are located in Bethlehem, PA. We serve the Lehigh Valley & Surrounding areas.

I began having a lot of pain and a very restricted range of motion in both my left & right shoulders. I’m against any intrusive type of surgery options and not a fan of traditional health care. I was recommended to see Dr. Augello, he has helped me tremendously. He is a caring & confident health care professional. He is holistic in his approach, concerning himself with the overall well being of his patients. Deciding on Dr. Augello was the right choice for me. I’ve improved greatly without surgery!

~ David Brown

Bethlehem Police Officer

I was referred to Dr. Augello by my dentist because I had TMJ pain & headaches. I was amazed how quickly my jaw pain & headaches went away! I choose now to go periodically to keep my spine in proper alignment.

~ Michael Palermo

Vice President of Palermo Metal Products

If it were not for Augello Chiropractic, I would have had to give up golf, the sport I love & have played, since I was twelve years old. Thank God for Dr. Augello’s Chiropractic care!

~ Richard McGinness

Vice President of Rennie/Rich Clothing Company

As a teacher, I spend most of my day standing & bending over students’ desks. I found my lower back & knees aching, after a long day. I decided to try going to the chiropractor because I didn’t want to take medication to cover up my symptoms. I wanted a doctor who could actually fix my problem. Dr. Augello has made me feel much better& has taught me ways to help keep my back in good shape, as well! I’m truly pleased with the results!

~ Tammy Dutton


Low back pain, which went down my right leg to my right foot, was ruining my life. I could not stand, sit, or lie down without constant pain. I did not get any relief from my medical doctor or the pills he prescribed. I decided to try chiropractic, as a last resort. Well, it should have been my first choice! After a few adjustments, I no longer have any back pain or leg pain. I encourage everyone to try chiropractic first!

~ Tracey Heidecker


I was referred to Dr. Augello by a co-worker because I had severe neck pain. After an X-ray was taken, I was shown the exact cause of my problem. I also received a detailed explanation on how chiropractic care could help fix it. Now I have no neck pain, I could not be happier with my chiropractic experience.

~ Pam Hudak


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